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Customer Service Management Software (CSMS)

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Customer Service Management Software (CSMS)

Quickly configure and modify customer service request processes to ensure high levels of customer engagement. Streamline case resolution by leveraging our digital automation platform for an omnichannel customer interaction, quick turnaround time, and unparalleled management of exceptions and escalations.

> Customer Case Management

  • End-to-end management of all customer queries, requests, and complaints—from initial interaction to case resolution
  • Insight into work steps, turnaround times, and approvals

> Omnichannel Customer Engagement

  • Customer interaction capture through chat, email, SMS, and computer telephony integration
  • Agent collaboration and call scripting to improve resolution rate and reduce call handling time

> AI-driven Social Listening

  • Tracking and listening to customer views on key social channels
  • Separation of customer noise from customer voice to accurately view and address concerns

> Customer Request Self-service

  • Integration with customer self-service portal
  • Request raising, status check, and assistance and search capabilities for customers

> Customer Feedback and Surveys

  • Capture of customer feedback and subsequent report generation
  • Creation and administration of basic surveys

> Knowledge Repository Management

  • Continuously evolving knowledge repository to enable customer service agents in tackling queries
  • Original articles and content, created by subject-matter experts and approved for use, to constantly update the repository